About BabyCrow Pictures

We at Baby Crow have already created a television quality pilot episode of The Vancouver Actors Guild to market our concept. The feedback to date has been exceptional. We have the first 3 episodes ready to shoot and 9 more written on the back end to complete the first full season. The money we raise will be used to shoot these first 3 episodes and bring them to market, at which time we hope to be picked up for distribution.

We have evaluated the project from the beginning for longevity, consumer demand, and self-funded our own proof of concept before asking anyone else for money. What we have produced has been widely accepted and praised. Not just by close friends, but by industry professionals, second and third generation referrals, and also from a wide demographic range. Our characters are young, old, wealthy, struggling, and what we have found is that the stories and the characters are very widely accepted and relate to everyone. We have included a diverse array of characters from all walks, and we feel that this further demonstrates the broad market appeal for a project like ours.

Julianne Christie – BabyCrow Pictures Creator/Director

Julianne has been living in the theatre her entire life.  Raised in Seattle, her creative passions led her to Los Angeles in her early twenties where she graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and thus began her 20 year journey working in theatre, TV and film in Hollywood.  Julianne’s early film credits include The Nutty Professor, Encino Man, Bounce and Deuces Wild to name a few.  With over 30 television appearances,  selected guest star credits include Grimm,  Smallville, Dead Like Me, Star Trek Enterprise (revised), Star Trek Voyager, many pilots, and a series lead role for Steven Bochco in an hysterical sitcom called Public Morals. More recently here in Vancouver, she has had large Principle roles on The Flash, Lucifer and The Imposters, and was Nominated for Best Actress at The Vancouver Web Fest 2016 for her portrayal of Ma Jones in the award winning Phoenix Run.

Julianne is currently an Instructor at The Drama Class in White Rock where she teaches a MasterClass in Theatre, TV and Film courses, and Improv workshops.  She was recently nominated with a Best Director nod from the CTC,  for ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner’ at the WRPC in 2017  and is lined up to direct again this season.

Thrilled to be directing on ‘The Guild’  for the first few episodes, Julianne is wearing many hats at BabyCrow pictures including writing, acting and producing.