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Baby Crow Pictures thanks you for your time and consideration of our local Vancouver-based comedy series project: The Vancouver Actors Guild. We are moving towards production in 2021, and we are looking for investors like yourself to make that happen.

As a demonstration of our gratitude for choosing to invest in the pilot and/or production of The Vancouver Actors Guild we are providing a few perks ranging from branded swag for modest contributions, to a walk-on role, a walk-on speaking role, and even an executive producer credit for our larger angel investors. Any investment may pay a return of your original investment and up to an additional 10% when the series is picked up by a network or distribution channel.

Before moving forward with any investments the producers would like to have online or COVID-safe face-to-face communication. This is to ensure potential contributors are fully informed and have mutual expectations regarding use of your investment, as well as potential risks and rewards. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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